About Us

WORK YOUR GIFT LLC represents our collective declaration to build an army of the most talented and passionate humans willing to follow God’s purpose for their lives. We are driven by a desire to innovate, create, teach, and inspire others to find their purpose.

Deep down, every person wants the assurance that their passion aligns with their true purpose. WORK YOUR GIFT LLC was founded as a holistic lifestyle company that is committed to following our God given talents in our approach to personal and self-development. We believe gift + passion = PURPOSE.There are a lot of pathways to self-discovery and understanding purpose. Most passionate, gifted, and creative people find themselves in the rabbit hole of an identity crisis. The frustration of having so much potential without direction is one that is discouraging.

WORK YOUR GIFT LLC supports skilled individuals who desire to carve out their own niche while cultivating their gifts. Our ultimate commitment is to the creative and gifted person’s journey towards serving a world in need through their own unique idea. It’s important to us that we provide an avenue to guide and support gifted individuals towards a purposeful lifestyle and have created a brand as a constant reminder for you to do so. #WORKYOURGIFT